Whether looking at your name online or concentrating on your company’s reputation, the strategies for managing your internet reputation are the same. Online personal branding is equally as significant as corporate branding. Selection of the right tools and proper strategy, you can effectively manage your online reputation and maintain control over what others see when they search for your name or brand online.

Whether looking at your name online or concentrating on your company's reputation, the strategies for managing your internet reputation are the same. Online personal branding is equally as significant as corporate branding. Share on X


Brandwatch provides crucial solutions for businesses looking to dominate social media. This entails monitoring the online reputation of your company and developing contingency plans in case of problems. Some ORM software features include 

  • Automated publishing: Allow businesses to automatically post content across multiple social media platforms. 
  • Content management: Helps companies to curate and manage their online content. 
  • Keyword filtering: Enables businesses to track specific keywords and phrases across social media. 
  • Multi-account management: Allows enterprises to manage different social media accounts from one place.

The ORM software is designed to help businesses monitor their online reputation, identify negative reviews and sentiments, and take action to improve their brand’s online presence. As a result, Brandwatch’s ORM tools can help businesses protect their reputations, build customer trust, and drive sales.


While Brandwatch is a powerful tool for managing your online reputation; it has drawbacks. Some users have reported problems with the user interface, which can make it difficult to navigate and use effectively. Multi-channel posts can also be challenging to publish automatically, and the software can sometimes be slow.


Digimind is a potent tool for managing online reputations that provide a wide range of capabilities to assist brands in understanding what is occurring with their online reputations and product offerings. It can help identify influencers, integrate with multiple platforms, track trends, and provide insights into consumer behavior and competitor analysis. In addition, this tool can monitor online conversations and protect your brand’s reputation.


To avoid pulling up mentions different from what you were looking for, you may either type in a list of keywords or choose which to include and which to omit when searching. Some of the features of Brand24 include the following:

  • Real-time monitoring allows you to check the brand mentions abruptly and respond to them in real-time. 
  • Competitor analysis enables you to monitor and analyze your competitors’ online presence and reputation. 
  • The platform is also highly configurable, allowing users to tailor the dashboard to their specific needs.
  • Alerts and notifications: This notifies you immediately when the brand or competitors are mentioned online. 


YouScan is a listening tool that can search social media and the rest of the web for brand mentions before analyzing those comments for their potential to have a broader social impact. It uncovers billions of data points you may sort through and offers a variety of analytical techniques for doing so.


  • The YouScan interface is relatively easy for consumers. The tools to track and analyze data are unique for everyone to use. It would help if you don’t have extraordinary knowledge and tactics. 
  • YouScan’s keyword setup is straightforward to configure, making it easy for you to track the conversations that are important to you.
  • YouScan integrates with various third-party platforms, making it easy to compile data from different sources into one place.


One potential drawback of YouScan is that it is expensive compared to other options. Additionally, it is only available in a limited number of languages. Due to the language barrier, the customers may not get desired output of the tool.


After a lengthy configuration process, you determine the keywords you’re tracking—typically your company name and social media handle. You can also keep an eye on your rivals’ social media accounts and keywords. The BrandMentions tool for Online Reputation Management provides several features that can be very helpful for managing your brand’s online reputation. 

  • Impact score: The impact score rates the influence of a website or social media profile. A higher impact score yields more influence on the site. 
  • Automatic scheduling of reports: BrandMentions can automatically generate your brand’s social media activity reports. This includes posts, comments, and mentions. 
  • Brand mention: The BrandMentions tool allows you to track all social media mentions of your brand. This includes posts, comments, and forum discussions. 
  • Filtering options: BrandMentions provides several options for filtering social media mentions. This includes date range, source type, country, language, and sentiment.


Unlike the other tools on this list, BuzzSumo has a somewhat different perspective. It enables you to search the internet for any material containing your search term. Including the level of involvement linked to each search result is its primary distinction. It helps with the following services:

Impact Scoring

BuzzSumo rates the level of impact of each post in its search results. This allows you to sort through posts by how much engagement they have received, which can help you to identify potential influencers and trends.

Automatic Scheduling Of Reports

BuzzSumo can automatically generate your brand’s social media activity reports. This includes posts, comments, and mentions.

Content Suggestion Tools

Besides helping you track social media activity, BuzzSumo also includes tools to help you identify new content ideas. This includes identifying the most popular topics for your industry and finding influencers in your field. 


Brands may track social media with Mention and discover any times they are mentioned in online discussions. As a result, you can effortlessly keep an eye on more than 1 billion sources daily, including blogs, forums, social media, and other websites. It also helps in targeting and segmentation, timely alerts, engagement, and dashboard degradation.

Talkwalker Analytics

Free Social Search and Talkwalker Alerts are two services on Talkwalker’s list of capabilities that are very helpful for managing and improving online reputation. With Social Search, you can monitor your social media accounts in real-time and keep track of what people say about your company over a week on all the major social media sites.


While Talkwalker Analytics does offer some advantages, there are also several disadvantages to consider. These include 

Slow Tagging

The biggest complaint about Talkwalker is that it needs to be faster to tag posts and social media activity. This can make the processes slow and need more efficiency in analyzing data. 

Steep Learning Curve

The platform is relatively complex and takes time to use effectively. Additionally, the user interface could be more intuitive, making it even more challenging.

Difficult User Interface

Many users need help navigating the platform. Unfortunately, this can make it tough to get the most out of the tool.

Google Alerts

The internet is constantly evolving. That implies that at any time, someone could post something about you. Therefore, a Google Alert can be created for your name. When Google discovers a new reference of your name, it will send you an email.

It is one of the valuable free tools for marketers and SEO professionals, helping them to monitor and build their online reputation.

The Brand Grader

The Brand Grader can give you vital information about your brand’s online performance if you investigate your company’s reputation. The free tool provides users with a range of features that can help them to identify and track negative mentions and reviews, as well as manage and respond to them.

The tool also includes a range of analytics that can help businesses to understand the impact of their online reputation on their sales and revenue. In addition, the device provides users with a range of tips and advice on improving their online reputation.


It gives you details on the websites of your rivals. This lets you quickly assess how your website stacks up against your competitors. In addition, it provides industry insights demonstrating how well-respected your brand is in your specialized market. Some features are:

  • Search volume estimation for keywords related to your brand
  • Inbound link analysis to help you track your site’s backlinks and compare them with your competitors’ links
  • Website traffic data to help you benchmark marketing campaigns’ success against rival brands and enhance brand reputation.


Socialmention.net keeps track of online activity and gathers real-time social media analysis and search. After typing in your brand name and choosing from among Blogs, Microblogs, Bookmarks, Images, Videos, Questions, or All, click search.

Review Push

Utilize Review Push, the best online reputation management software, to gather your internet testimonials in one location. In addition, it provides infinite multi-site monitoring. Because of this, businesses with branches in many locations will find it very helpful.

Review Push Pros:

  • The easy-to-use interface is simple to navigate and review sites.
  • Ability to quickly monitor all your online reviews across multiple sites and locations


  • Limited functionality compared to other online review monitoring tools
  • Potential for biased reviews if customers feel incentivized to leave positive feedback.


Reputology is a platform for managing and monitoring internet reviews that aids companies in keeping track of, responding to, and analyzing customer feedback. It is a service that enables review management of your company and then appropriately responds to any unfavorable comments. With the help of this strategy, the business reputation may be enhanced.


GatherUp, one of the best online reputation management tools, enables you to create a never-ending loop of customer evaluations and feedback that you can use to get more clients. It allows you to communicate with your customers by text or email and ask them to review your product.

The Sign-Up Process 

To use GatherUp, sign up if you are a new member. Then, make your account which will only take a few minutes. Businesses must provide their contact information, business name, and website address. Once companies have signed up for an account, they can start using the tool to track their online reputation. 


An online reputation management (ORM) application is more suited for major companies and corporations. They provide a full range of solutions to assist large businesses in managing, monitoring, and maximizing their online reputation.


Software for managing online reputations for individuals and companies is called BrandYourself. You may view your online reputation using BrandYourself’s free reputation report. Your score is calculated, placing you somewhere between Very Poor and Excellent.

How Does It work?

  • Monitor & Measure your Online Reputation  
  • Build & Create Positive Content 
  • Promote & Distribute Your Content Far & Wide 
  • Protect & Defend Against Negative Search Results 
  • Repeat As Needed To Stay Ahead Of The Curve.


You can avoid social media crises with its AI-based anomaly detection and notifications. With SentiOne, you’ll get an automatic alert if there is an issue. This allows you to fix it before it worsens. Some features of this social media monitoring tool are:

  • AI-based anomaly detection & notifications
  • A real-time monitoring dashboard with advanced analytics and reporting
  • Historical, customizable trend analysis and benchmarking report


By swiftly reacting to online messages or remarks, you can not only prevent a crisis but also gain a deeper understanding of your online reputation by learning which demographics you are currently favoring (or lost it). Meltwater pricing is based on the number of users and features that your business wants.


One of the best tools for insight-driven marketing is PromoRepublic. It facilitates users’ marketing management and helps them attract local clients. In addition, it can assist you with several activities related to managing your internet reputation.

  • You can schedule your posts ahead, so you never have to worry about forgetting to post or running out of content. 
  • The tool will track your brand mentions and keywords, so you can quickly see how your online reputation is progressing. 
  • You can save posts you want to use again in the future. It is a time-saving feature.
  • The tool comes with a library of free resources that you can use to learn more about online reputation management. 

Problems In Promorepublic:

  • No bulk upload feature: This can be a problem if you have a lot of content to post.
  • Additionally, the tool is less collaborative than other options on this list. Sharing or delegating tasks to clients or team members is impossible.
  • Finally, PromoRepublic still needs app integration, which means that it can’t be used in conjunction with other tools you may be using.

ORM For Your Local Business

ORM is vital to managing your online reputation and should be a crucial part of any marketing strategy. The good news is that plenty of great tools are available to help you with ORM. All the mentioned tools above are excellent in their performance. 

If you want to explore further, contact WESFED for more tips or contact us for a consultation. No matter what route you choose, protecting your online reputation is our responsibility.