What’s Happening?

If you use Google Business Profiles for your website, brace yourself for a change. Google has sent emails saying they’ll turn off these websites soon. Let’s break down what this means for your profile and whether you need to create your site.

How Will Your Profile Be Affected?

The email from Google has everyone wondering what will happen to their profiles. To make sure you’re prepared, start by updating all your business info on Google. This includes things like your hours and contact details.

Important for Everyone

This update isn’t selective; it applies to all Google Business Profiles. Big or small, every business needs to be ready.
Google Business Profile Websites Turned Off Soon

Do You Need Your Own Website?

The big question is whether you should start working on your website. Let’s make sense of it.

If You Already Have a Website

If your business is already linked to a website with its own domain name, you’re in the clear. No need to panic. But if you’ve been building links to your Business Profile Website use tools like SEMrush to check and update those links.

Consider Making a Website

If your Google Business Profile links to a Business.Site address, it’s a good idea to create your own website. Platforms like Wix or Squarespace can help, and they’re user-friendly.

Advice for a Smooth Transition

Wondering what to do next? Here’s some practical advice:
  • Check Google’s Announcement: Understand the changes directly from Google’s official announcement. Know the timeline and details.
  • Make Your Own Website: If your business relies on the existing Google Business Profile website, create your own using well-known platforms.
  • Update Your Links: If you’ve been building links, use tools like SEMrush to update them. It’ll help you transition smoothly without losing valuable links.

In a Nutshell

With Google turning off Business Profile websites, it’s time for businesses to rethink their online presence. Stay informed, update your info on Google, and maybe consider making your website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. When will Google turn off these websites?

Check Google’s official announcement for specifics. Changes start on March 1, with full unavailability after June 10.

Q. Does this affect all businesses on Google Business Profiles?

Absolutely, every business using Google Business Profiles will feel the impact.

Q. What if my business has been building links to the business.site “website”?

Use tools like SEMrush to check and update those links for a smooth transition.

Q. Should businesses without a separate website think about making one now?

Yes, especially if your Google Business Profile links to a Business.Site address.

Q. How can businesses make this transition with minimal disruption?

Read Google’s official announcement, update your business info on Google, and think about creating your website for a smooth switch.