Changing the world one local business at a time.

What is WESFED?

A Result-Driven Internet Marketing Agency

WESFED is a leader in innovative internet marketing solutions and we partner with businesses nationwide to help them achieve their specific goals using customized digital solutions.

Our team is made up of some of the top developers, designers, writers, and marketers in the world, and we know how to create real results for our clients. We measure our success on the success of our clients, and we are always looking to improve ourselves.

We provide our clients with a holistic approach to internet marketing. We have over 250 digital products and services in our toolkit and we are partnered with over 50 companies nationwide to offer a complete start-to-end solution to our clients.

Our team has developed a set of proprietary tools, including our award-winning Snapshot Report, that helps us be more effective in promoting and managing our clients’ results.

Simply put, we help growing businesses reach their goals by creating and executing a holistic strategy to generate buzz, get found online, have a trusted reputation, convert new customers, and create a strong brand.

Est. 2008

Founded in early 2008 as a small web development agency in Montana by Wes Foster, WESFED has since grown to be one of the top online marketing companies in the United States. Hiring a the best and brightest from around the world and partnering with over 50 companies has progressed allowed WESFED to service clients with over 250 digital products and services. Today, WESFED is Headquartered in the Clarksville, TN, and represents the best small and medium businesses nationwide.

Our Mission

At WESFED, our mission is to change the world by promoting fantastic companies and improving their impact on the communities they serve. We want honest companies to thrive and dishonest companies to disappear. We stand by our clients and refuse to work with any company that we feel will not create a positive impact on the community.

Businesses Thrive with WESFED

WESFED has made a huge impact on our website and user engagements. We never expected for such a big improvement within the first year of working together!


US Army Basic

Super Great Work! [WESFED] is easy to work with and gets the job is done right. Will work with again.

Robert W.

Owner, Wolfe Network

What truly sets WESFED apart from the rest was their attention to detail in their work […] We really felt involved with the entire process and knew of every detail along the way.

Ernie L.

Owner, Red Software

How does WESFED work?

Our Proven Process


1) Consult

Is your business a good fit for our agency? Is our agency a good fit for your business?

To understand if we are a good fit, we need to talk to you about some of the current problems your business is facing and understand where you are wanting your business to go. Is there a specific service needed? Is your business in a specific situation?

Initial consultations are 15-minutes and can be booked here



2) Audit

Alright, so we’re a good fit. Now it is time to take a deep dive into your business’ online presence and see what is going on.

Our award-winning Snapshot Report looks at your business in the 6-pillars of local marketing, what we refer to as the Local Marketing Stack, and compares it to other businesses in your industry to see where your business is thriving, and where it is missing opportunities.


3) Solution

Here’s where the magic happens. We take your current position in your market, contrast it with your goals, and create a solution that is customized to help get you there.

WESFED is partnered with over 50 companies nationwide and we can offer over 250 digital solutions and products to our clients.

Take a look at some of the internet marketing services we offer.



4) Grow

We work with our clients on an ongoing basis. We build the engine and set it in motion. But we don’t just “set it and forget it,” we watch it like a hawk and continually try to squeeze more results out of your budget on a recurring basis.

As WESFED, we measure our success as a company on the success of our clients.

Take a look at our portfolio to see some of our past successes!


Why choose WESFED?

How We’re Different

Partnering with WESFED ensures your company has the knowledge and tools to produce real results.

Honesty through transparency

We watch our budget like a hawk and expect our clients to do the same thing. It’s part of being a smart business. We don’t expect our clients to carelessly throw their marketing dollars to the wind. With every recommendation we make, we back it up with data.

When you become a client of WESFED, you will always know where your money is going and how it is affecting your ROI.

How much does marketing cost?

How it’s spent is more important than how much is spend

Speak to a marketing professional to see how much you should be spending, and how it should be diversified.

Our team is top-notch

Our team is 100% remote and is comprised of some of the smartest minds in the US. From design to development, to writing and marketing strategy, we deliver. We report to a virtual office and communicate in real-time to ensure your project is always moving forward.

By not limiting ourselves to a specific geographical location, we’re able to recruit the most talented individuals to work on your projects.

No Pressure

Contracts are good, don’t get us wrong. Commitment in marketing goes a long way toward success. However, we don’t pressure our clients to stay with us if we are failing to meet their expectations.

How Does Your Business Look Online?

Curious about how your business looks across the entire Digital Marketing Stack?