As a small business owner, trying to grow and expand your business with limited resources can be time consuming and frustrating. We’ve been there.

Most small businesses already have a website in place. But is that enough? Think about how many (or how few) leads you are actually getting through your website. Odds are, your website just isn’t set up for the purpose of both driving traffic and generating leads.

We’ve identified 9 ways that a small business can set their website up for success and we’ve detailed them in our latest free resource, the “Small Business Website Growth Checklist.”

Your website may be the only aspect of your business that your customer sees

Times have changed, and the majority of consumers looking for new products or services find them online. As your potential customers use search engines to find the perfect new dentist, contractor, salon, CPA or law firm, etc., your website will probably be the only representation of your brand that this potential customer sees. This is why it is of the utmost importance that your website give an amazing first impression that will turn this lead into a customer for life.

Does your website need a little TLC?

Chances are, your website is not performing as well as you would like, and is not generating the business leads that you would like for it to. This is a common issue that our clients have when we first meet them, and the good news is, we can help you figure out what you are doing wrong, and, even better, how to correct it.

Three common issues that we encounter

Three of the biggest issues we come across when speaking with business owners are:

  • A lack of clear calls-to-action (CTAs) to encourage customer engagement
  • Missing or inconsistent contact information
  • A website that is seldom or never updated

Do any of these common mistakes ring true for you? We’ve created a checklist that you can go through which will allow you to learn how you can improve your website and help it become a part of your business. This list details the actions that you need to take to see drastically improved results, which will in turn boost your business!

Best of all, this checklist is free. We provide this as a free resource for small business who are looking to improve their website and start seeing the results they want.

How you can set up your SMB website to be a business asset

Most SMB websites simply aren’t set up to perform as a business asset. Most SMB websites are a collection of pretty images and colors that do well to establish the company’s brand, but not so well when it comes to creating a positive ROI.