We are seeing first-hand just how much of an impact this virus is having on small businesses nationwide, and our clients. This email serves as a way to notify you of what precautions we’re taking to help slow the pandemic, but also what actions we’re taking to try and sustain local small businesses, and our clients.

How we’re dealing with it all

Fortunately for us, our team is 100% remote. This means we’re not having to change much in terms of how we work and provide services for our clients.

What we do have to change is how we communicate with clients.

In-person meetings will be held at a minimum and video calls will always be offered as an alternative. We want to help in the overall solution which is to slow the spreading of the virus.

Supporting our clients and small businesses

We see this downtime as an opportunity for business owners to focus on improving their systems, processes, marketing, and customer relations. We’re offering free marketing reports and consultations to small business owners nationwide for the purpose of helping to uncover opportunities and listen to their unique situations. Please share the word and point business owners to https://wesfed.com/smbreport because we want to learn their situation and empower them to make improvements.

We’re collaborating with local teams in multiple cities to help raise awareness about small business funding and to discover ways to help sustain small businesses through this rough time.

For our clients, we are working to do the same thing. We want to hear from YOU about how this pandemic is affecting your business, if at all, and we want to come up with solutions that can help you. We’ve helped several of our SMB clients already reposition their services to be a more effective solution for the situation.

This is a strange time, but it isn’t all doom and gloom. Let’s use it as an opportunity to come out the other side better and stronger than before.

We want to hear from you!

What you should do as a small business

1. Communicate

Communicate with your customers. Let them know the precautions you’re taking or the changes you are making with your business. Communication is going to play a big part in controlling the situation, staying calm, and keeping your customers. If you need help with this, let us know! We can help you send an email blast, publish across your social channels, and more.

Now is a great time to be paying close attention to your audience on social media.

2. Ideate

Think think think. How can you continue to serve your customers? Come up with new solutions, new services, or even just a new way to perform your service. Customers still want what you have! You just need to break the barrier!

3. Encourage healthy behaviors

Look, we all know what to do. Ensure your customers know what to do and have the resources available. Provide hand sanitizer to everyone and in every place possible and limit person-to-person contact. We’ve heard the drill by now, and if you haven’t, go to CDC.gov and start reading.

Let’s use this time of adversity to seek out new opportunities.