You may think Twitter is just for teenagers, celebrities, presidential hopefuls and the Kardashians; however, Twitter is also a powerful business tool for companies of all sizes.


According to Twitter, over 500 million Tweets are sent every day. With hundreds of millions of people using Twitter throughout the world, Twitter is your free platform to reach not only existing clients, but also new, targeted potential-customers around the globe.

Learn about a few of the top reasons your business needs a Twitter page, below.

Twitter allows you to connect with your customer base

Most importantly Twitter let’s your business engage with customers. This platform is an easy and effective way to communicate with your customer base.

Twitter is a valuable research tool to help you discover what your clients want from your company. Through Twitter, you can gain valuable customer feedback and discover what your customers like and dislike, and what they hope to see from your company in the future.

Twitter can also be a useful tool for customer service and public relations, assisting your company in discovering and resolving issues that your clients may be having with your products or services.

Keep your customers up-to-date on company news, projects and accomplishments!

Did your company just finish an amazing project? Did you just write a life-altering blog post about your industry? Chances are that no one will ever know about these achievements if you don’t promote them﹣and that’s where Twitter comes in. With a short sentence and the click of a mouse you can put your new projects, blog posts, company news and more out there for the world to see-gaining new follwers in the process.

Improves your marketing efforts

You can pay to advertise on Twitter, but it’s not always necessary. The free publicity Twitter allows you to achieve, if done correctly, can market your business very effectively. Amazing holiday sale coming up? New and innovative services being offered? Want to promote some exciting business news? Just type 140 characters and-BAM-you’ve reached all of your followers without spending a dime.

Using Twitter can also help your inbound marketing efforts by improving your SEO ranking. You may not know it, but starting in 2014, Google and Twitter reached an agreement to improve the searchability of tweets. This historic agreement has increased non-Twitter users visiting the site for search-related reasons by tenfold, with numbers jumping from 7.5 million to 75 million within only a few months of this deal.

WIth this knowledge in mind, be sure to optimize your company Twitter account for SEO through use of keywords, #hashtags, @mentions, creating a catchy bio and linking back to your website in your profile and content.

Network, Network, Network!

In addition to gaining new customers and engaging with existing clients, Twitter is also a useful tool for connecting with others within your industry. Connecting with your peers in your field through Twitter is a great way to make new business contacts and to find like-minded individuals to collaborate with on future projects.

Your twitter page should be more than just the events and blog posts from your company, it should be a place where you followers can learn more about your industry as well. Besides, that is what they’re interested in, right?

Stay relevant and know your competition

In order to stay on the cutting-edge of your field you don’t need to enroll in continuing education classes and subscribe to expensive magazines and business journals. Instead, you can use Twitter to stay on top of your field.

Through Twitter you can stay aware of emerging trends, big news and other important changes in your industry. In the same realm, Twitter is also a useful tool for sizing up your competition and seeing what else is out there in your field. Staying relevant and up-to-date on innovations in your industry and knowing your competition are both major assets to your business growth.

Social media is one piece of the inbound marketing puzzle

As you can see Twitter provides invaluable (and free) ways to connect with customers, improve customer service, increase SEO marketing, network with peers and scope out the competition-all with 140 characters or less!

If you aren’t yet on Twitter, it is time to sign up today so that your business can reap some of these amazing benefits. And if you are already using Twitter, it may be time to step up your game and use this accessible marketing tool to its full potential.