With new social media platforms popping up every day, you may be hesitant to dip your foot in the “social media” pool. It can be overwhelming and time consuming to set up new accounts and monitor existing ones. You may even wonder how useful these tools are for your business. Are you even reaching anyone with your efforts on Twitter and Facebook?


Well the good news is that these tools, many of them free, can revolutionize the way you do business! Below we explore some of the most important ways that a social media presence can benefit your company.

1. Helps you figure out your “target customer”

Knowing about your audience and what they want is important. Using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help you figure out important information about your “target audience” such as gender, race, age and language.

Once you know your audience  you can better plan your campaigns, targeting products and services to these specific groups, and better serving your customers.

2. Assists you in “building your brand”

Social media platforms are an easy way to let customers know who you are and what you have to offer. You, as a business, can use these tools to influence the way that potential customers perceive your brand.

Your business can use these tools to gain new customers, increase brand loyalty among existing customers and prove the legitimacy of your brand to interested parties. Many potential customers rely on more than just a website when choosing a business to use, instead they turn to social media to check out reviews, customer interactions, news updates and more to make sure your business is legitimate.

It has also been shown that existing customers are more likely to continue using your company when the feel connected to your business through these outlets.

3. Draws more potential clients to your website

A strong social media presence is also an excellent way to draw new customers to your website﹣increasing your inbound traffic.

Sure you have your existing customer base and individuals searching for keywords that you rank for, but using social media draws in customers that might otherwise never hear of your brand. By posting high-quality content on your social media channels you will reach new individuals and draw them to your business.

4. Simplifies and improve your customer service

As we have previously discussed social media platforms provide a great opportunity to receive customer feedback, be it positive or negative, and allow you as a business to quickly and painlessly resolve any complaints or issues that may arise. Rather than waiting on email or telephone communication you can instantly “make it right” when a dissatisfied customer emerges.

Social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have changed the way we do business in many exciting ways! These free platforms are incredible tools for finding target audiences, building brands, drawing in clients and improving customer service.

These are just a few benefits we have seen from social media use. Please share in the comments ways that you have seen social media presence benefit your business!