We create and implement automated strategies that generate sales-ready leads for our clients, year after year.

It's called Inbound Marketing, and here's how we do it

1. We generate quality traffic for your website

Odds are, you’ve put some effort into attracting more traffic to your website. Either through advertising or SEO, you’ve managed to gain some extra visitors to your website already.

The problem is, most companies stop there.

The first step in our inbound marketing process is to not only generate more traffic to your website, but more qualified traffic.


70% of new visitors on your website are not ready to buy!

You’re losing 70% of your potential sales, daily.

When someone comes across your website, they are not always ready to buy right then and there.  A large majority of visitors on your website are there for other reasons:

  1. They are looking for information on your company (such as prices or services)
  2. They are simply looking for information on possible solutions (not just your company’s specific solution)

The problem with most websites is that they focus on sales only, ignoring the vast majority of their traffic and letting them leave–often never to return.

2. We create systems that engage and convert that visitor into a subscriber

A visitor to your website is in one of three stages, known as the “Buyer’s Journey.”

Each stage requires a specific type of content in order to resonate with the visitor on their level. By creating engaging and educational content across your website that spans the entire buyer’s journey, your website is able to educate them on what they’re seeking.

We strategically create engaging content and give the visitor the ability to learn more about what they’re searching for. Through doing this, we grab their contact information. Now the real magic happens.

The Buyer’s Journey

Awareness Stage

“What’s the most cost-effective way to travel?”

Consideration Stage

“Where can I get the most cost-friendly plane tickets?”

Decision Stage

“How can I purchase Delta Airlines tickets?”

B2B marketers see an average 20% increase in sales opportunities from nurtured leads versus non-nurtured leads after successfully deploying a lead nurturing program.

—DemandGen “Calculating the Real ROI from Lead Nurturing” (Aug 2013)

3. We create an automated set of processes that educate and guide your new subscriber through the buyer’s journey

Sending the right email, at the right time, is often what separates an effective website from a highly-effective website. Our experience, combined with top-notch software gives us the ability to do just that, for your website.

Through a series of automated actions, customized messages, and personalized website experiences, we strategically learn what the subscriber is interested in and how to engage with them. Then, with perfect timing, we prompt them to take more action.

Eventually, as this subscriber learns more about your solution, they begin to move through the buyer’s journey, on their own, through the consideration and decision stages.

4. We provide cutting-edge lead intelligence that allows you to close more sales

Not only are your leads better educated in the value of your company by the time they speak with sales, but your sales team will know much more about the potential buyer, what the buyer’s interests are, and the level of familiarity they have with the solution.

By the time a lead speaks to sales, they are educated enough to buy. Fewer obstacles for your sales team, and a much higher rate of closing.

There’s no arguing the fact that “warm” leads close faster than “cold” leads any day of the week. Inbound marketing is the process of gathering and preparing leads for your sales team, automatically.

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