We have already discussed the negative effects inactive social media accounts can have on your business, but have you considered the ways that your company website can hurt your business?

In the internet age your company website is most likely the first impression that most of your customers will have of your company, and you’d better make it a good one, or they can conveniently click to the next Google search result to find a business with a website that they prefer.

So what, exactly, do you need to avoid to ensure your website doesn’t send potential customers running into the arms of your competitors? Here are some of the common mistakes that can cause your website to work against your company.

Your website design is boring

Chances are that most of the websites in your industry have a similar look and feel. When developing your company page you may think that you need to adhere to the same cookie-cutter design and content as these pages. There must be a reason they are all the same, right? No.

It is a much better idea to stick to an original approach, creating a fresh and unique website amidst a sea of monotony. By having a one-of-a-kind design with an original approach your company will stand out as something special in comparison to the competition.

Your website copy is lackluster

Similarly to having a cookie-cutter website, having generic and impersonal website content can also damage your company.

When you are creating copy for your company website, the first step is to find your voice. You don’t want to sound like everyone else. You want to sound like YOU. This will set your business apart from competitors, and will help you make a personal connection with your potential clients.

Use your copy to show your customers what your brand is about and how it can help them. Focus on detailing exactly how you can assist your customers, and why they should choose you.

Use your copy to show your customers what your brand is about and how it can help them.

Avoid using overly formal language and don’t bog your copy down with lots of fancy “industry” language.

Your page lacks clear and convenient contact methods

With most services at the click of a fingertip, the customers of today value convenience above many other factors. This is why you need to make contacting your business easy and clear to your potential clients.

Does your company have a “Contact Us” or another call to action on every single page of your website? If not, this could be a major factor in your poor website performance. Be sure to include an obvious method of contact at both the top and bottom of every page.

If it is difficult to figure out how to contact your business with questions, the customer will most likely choose another vendor with a move convenient website.

Also, while we are discussing contact information, it should be noted that it is of utmost importance to include a real telephone number and physical address on your “Contact Us” page. This is an important part of building client trust. With so many scam businesses out there, it is important to let your potential customers know that you are an established and trustworthy business.

Your website is not responsive

As we have previously discussed, having a responsive web design is a critical aspect of your business website. Responsive web design ensures that your business page will work effectively across a variety of electronic devices including computers, tablets and smartphones.

As of 2015, approximately two-thirds of Americans own smartphones. Of this population 10% does not have broadband internet access in their home and 15% have few alternatives from their smartphones for browsing the internet.

With trends continuing to move in this direction you cannot rely on static web design. You need an adaptable, responsive design so that your customers will have a positive user experience, no matter what device they are using to browse. Otherwise, you will be alienating potential customers and sending them to your competition.

Your website lacks search engine optimization

As you probably already know, SEO is critical for your website. In fact, a study from Conductor.com showed that 64% of web traffic originates in search engines. So what are some of the key things you can do to boost your SEO ranking?

  • Start a company blog.
  • Create a Twitter, and other social media accounts for your business.
  • Incorporate keywords into your website content.
  • Make sure your web design is mobile friendly.

So, yes, your website can hurt your company. However, the good news is, there are a lot of things you can do to fix this problem! By focusing on unique web design, engaging copy, responsive web design and optimizing your SEO, you can ensure your website is not detracting from your business. You can instead use your website to grow and expand your business by reaching even more potential customers than you would in the pre- internet era.