If you are familiar with social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you may be wondering which is best for your business. You probably want to know if you should focus your energy on one specific platform, or spread your efforts across all three. Depending on your business type and your social media goals, each platform has major benefits. We will look into these below.

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LinkedIn is now a popular destination for professionals seeking job-related content and resources. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which are social networks, LinkedIn is a professional network, and your company page is an opportunity to draw in professionals to your business with industry news, workplace advice and business-related content.

If you are trying to connect other companies in your industry, build business relationships and reach professionals in your field, this platform is for you.


As the world’s largest and most well-known social network, Facebook is an important tool for connecting with your customer base.

In recent years Facebook has focused on improving its services for small businesses, working to better connect users with the company pages of local businesses they may not have heard of. Newly incorporated features like business page ratings and reviews, call-to-action buttons for appointment booking and other professional services, as well as local business search tools make Facebook an important social networking tool for smaller companies seeking to attract local clientele.

If you are trying to connect with local customers who would not have otherwise heard of your company, this platform is for you.


Similarly to Facebook, Twitter is also a social network; however it can be an extremely useful tool for businesses. In addition to promoting your business and reaching new customers, Twitter is an excellent resource for companies that are customer service based.

As we have previously discussed Twitter is a perfect tool for listening to customers. It is also quick and instantaneous in nature. These qualities make Twitter an excellent way to communicate with customers to quickly resolve customer service issues and to get immediate feedback on problems that your company may have.

If customer service and instant feedback are crucial to your business model, this platform is for you.

As you can see Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all very useful business tools. Depending on your company’s specific characteristics and networking goals, you may want to focus more on one of these tools, or you may want to focus on all of them.