Digital marketing is an effective modern advertising method. Having an online presence is necessary to attract new clientele and create a trustworthy public image. However, building a website or showing up on Google Reviews is not enough.

There are many ways to bolster your online image. Creating a Facebook page or Instagram profile is a sure way to convince customers to commit. Creating a YouTube channel or podcast can also help you attract consumers.

Using audio and/or visual content to advertise your business is a fantastic way to capitalize on SEO content and reach a larger audience. These platforms help promote your services and products more subtly, thus encouraging brand loyalty.

So, which is more effective: a YouTube channel or podcast? Keep reading to discover the differences between these two digital marketing strategies and what the advertising experts at WESFED recommend for your business.

What Are the Main Differences Between YouTube and Podcasts?

The most notable difference between YouTube and podcasts is the medium of presentation. YouTube is visual, while podcasts are auditory. Many podcasts feature on apps such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Both platforms effectively reach your target audience. Though you may not see immediate growth when developing a channel or podcast, your efforts will pay off. What is most important is that potential customers can access it.

When deciding on the best platform for your business, you should consider:

  • How much time do you have?
  • What tools do you have for production?
  • Which platform will likely attract more attention to your business?
  • Quality of production
  • Required skills

Required Skills

Both podcasts and YouTube require prior technological knowledge. You should at least know your way around a computer, recording software, and editing software for both marketing platforms.

Now, let’s break down the biggest differences between the two.


YouTube demands professionalism. Thus, your videos must be high-quality, engaging, and fast-paced. To start a YouTube channel, you must have a suitable camera, recording equipment, good lighting, and possibly a video editor.

YouTube is worth the effort when paired with marketing, meaning your videos must appear with specific search terms. You must keep viewers as well, so finding ways to spice up your channel, such as inviting guest stars, is imperative. It is the best way to improve your online reputation to get positive reviews and value for your brand or business.


When creating a podcast, you need a microphone, recording software, and audio editing software. Podcasts demand consistency as well, so you will likely need to produce weekly content to keep listeners interested.

Though getting a podcast on a service like Spotify is a relatively easy process, you may need to work to get your podcast approved. You should also get a rights reserved label and consider other legal issues that may arise.

YouTube Pros and Cons


  • YouTube offers more SEO potential than podcasts
  • Video marketing is more likely to rank on Google’s front page
  • Visual display of your business is a powerful way to attract customers
  • Many consumers turn to YouTube when looking for purchasing advice


  • Viewers demand regular content output
  • There are large up-front costs associated with starting a YouTube channel, such as a camera, microphone, lights, software, etc.
  • Video production can take up a lot of time

Podcast Pros and Cons


  • Podcasts are less competitive, so listeners are more likely to encounter your podcast when searching a particular topic
  • Starting a podcast costs much less than starting a YouTube channel
  • Podcasts feel more personal, meaning listeners get attached to hosts easily and are therefore more likely to trust your business
  • You might reach a larger audience because you can put your podcast on several streaming services


  • Copyright laws can become problematic if you decide to include outside content in your podcast
  • Podcast listeners usually are multitask as they listen, meaning they are not giving your content undivided attention
  • Podcasts do not have the same SEO presence as YouTube channels online

The Bottom Line

Both podcasts and YouTube videos are viable marketing tools. When deciding which platform best suits your advertising strategy, you should consider your business’s needs and what will lead consumers toward committing to your product or service.

How Can I Further Improve My Online Presence?

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