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Become the top business in your local market

Ranking as the top business in your local market is no small task, but the rewards can be huge. Not just in the sheer number of potential customers that will come to you, but also in the authority that reputation that it brings. Being the best local business in search requires working with the best local SEO company.

What is local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO) is the process of optimizing your online presence so that local search engines index your website accordingly. Does your business offer a product or service that is valuable to a customer? If so, then Google and Bing WANT to rank you locally. The problem is, it’s not that simple.

Google, Bing, and other local search engines rank their search results using algorithms. By optimizing your website and online presence for best practices, and using keywords and phrases that your customers are actually using, search engines will begin to understand what your business does and rank you accordingly.

Hiring a Professional Local SEO Services provider will ensure that your website is optimized and progressively ranking higher and higher.

The benefits of local SEO for your business

The most desired and recognized benefit of local SEO is targeted website traffic. Unlike the paid alternative, local SEO allows for search engines to rank you for free. This means you do not pay for each and every click that comes to your website. By ranking appropriately, your website begins to draw in targeted traffic… forever. Well, for as long as you continue to provide a valuable product or service.

However, there are other benefits to implementing a local SEO service, such as:

  • Increased business authority
  • Increased reputation
  • More in-store traffic (via local maps placement)

Hiring a local SEO company means that you can continue to provide a quality experience for your customers while your local SEO company gets you in front of more and more people.


of your potential customers are searching for you

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Nowadays, to be the best business in your local market, it takes more than just being the best business in your market. Sure, you provide a great service or product, but are you serving enough customers?

Ranking well in local search doesn’t always mean your website is performing at its best. Being ranked #1 in Google for the wrong keywords, or not having a website that is ready to convert your traffic into leads, means you are missing out on opportunities to truly be the best business you can be.

Be the best business in your local market by generating more local leads for your business.

Google Maps

Having your business properly placed and configured on Google Maps provides your potential customers with information on your hours, location, and popularity.

Local Citations

Building local citations across popular, relevant web directories is a great way to influence search engines and strengthen your local business’ authority

Review Monitoring

Your local reputation is just as important as your local rankings. WESFED gives you the tools you need to review and maintain a positive reputation online.

How Local SEO Pricing Works

In 2023, local search optimization is more important than ever. As businesses continue to increase their marketing and advertising efforts, local SEO has become even more essential to thriving as a local business. Local SEO

Pricing per Location

Most affordable local SEO packages are tiered per location. Many small businesses have a single location that they would like optimized, however, larger businesses may have several locations throughout a large geographic area. Local SEO is just as important for both companies because it opens the door to directly target those local searchers.

At WESFED, we work with many business across many markets and industries. As the best local SEO company in Clarksville, TN, and Nashville, TN, we are able to increase the rankings of our clients for their target market and audience online.

How much does local SEO cost?

The cost of Local SEO in 2023, like other forms of SEO, will vary by location. There are no cookie-cutter prices when it comes to creating a custom local SEO strategy. The local competition will be a large factor in the final cost you should expect to spend on a monthly basis to remain relevant or outrank the competition.

At WESFED, our local SEO pricing typically starts at $350 per month. This allows our team to perform on-site technical optimizations, monitor keywords and competitors, and ensure that your content is optimized for local SEO. The stiffer the competition, the higher you should expect to pay for local SEO.

Note, you should only consider working on your local SEO once your listings and reputation have been taken care of. See our local marketing suite for more information.

Local SEO Package Features

At WESFED, depending on your monthly local SEO budget, our local search engine optimization package features include:

  • Review Monitoring
  • Blog post writing, publishing, and syndication
  • Call tracking for new website leads
  • Local citation building and tracking
  • Google my Business Setup and Optimization
  • Apple, Bing, Google, and other map submissions
  • Facebook Business Page setup and/or review
  • Sitemap creation and search engine submission
  • On-site SEO optimizations for meta titles, keywords, and descriptions
  • Ongoing traffic reporting
  • Dedicated account representative

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